About Us

We are an international luxury fragrance company with credible, long-lasting, and innovative fragrances that pay tribute to the art of fine fragrance making.

We have the passion and we have a voice. Our fragrances sing and tell a different story with creative integrity.

Amouage is currently available in 72 countries, 950 points of sale worldwide, 19 standalone boutiques.

Amouage’s fine fragrance portfolio comprises a wide variety of perfumes, which are offered across four collections: Mainline, Library, Midnight Flower, and Secret Garden. These four collections provide a wealth of creativity.

Amouage has a Bath and Body Collection comprising many of the mainline fragrances, with soaps, hand creams, shower gels, body creams and body lotions. A Home Collection of candles and parfums d'ambience, both in the fine fragrances and with other fragrances designed specifically for the Home Collection, was also launched some time ago.