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Amouage reshapes The Library Collection around four iconic Opuses and a new creation - Opus XIV Royal Tobacco - in a new curatorial approach

Inspired by the omniscient allure of a library and mankind’s insatiable quest for knowledge, The Library Collection is a celebration of integrity, creativity, and virtuosity. A place where the soul leaves an imprint on the art of living, this collection of opuses proposes inventive perfumery, unthought-of accords, and always bold and unexpected scents to treasure.

Staying true to its original ethos, The Library Collection will now orbit around five fragrances: two iconic Opuses, Opus V and Opus VII, along with Rose Incense and Silver Oud, renamed Opus XII and Opus XIII respectively, and a new creation, Opus XIV Royal Tobacco, a fragrant travel along the Tropic of Cancer from Oman to Cuba, connecting Royal Frankincense to Regal Tobacco.

In the future, they will be joined by new Opuses as Renaud Salmon’s own olfactory explorations unfold and a raw material or accord has been pushed to its expressive paroxysm.

Testament to the roots of Amouage and the renewed focus on Omani heritage and excellence, the four existing Eaux de Parfum are now housed in Amouage’s iconic “Khanjar”-inspired bottle, a unique Omani symbol of the highest class and divine beauty. Their organic ceramic finish, in earthy Truffle and Cashmere colours, is a true reflection of the craft and authenticity of the Sultanate. Original artworks created by Louise Mertens adorn the new packaging and are an integral part of a series of analog art visuals and movies shot by Valentin Abad.