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Love Mimosa 100ml

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Product Description


Encapsulating a unique essence like no other, Amouage’s mimosa facets are sublimed with rare ingredients that lighten up this flower. 

Notes and Ingredients
  • Top Notes: Violet Leaves, Cascalone & Orris
  • Heart Notes: Mimosa, Pear & Paradisone
  • Base Notes: Ylang Ylang, Ambrox & Heliotrope


Powdery sunsets by the sea

The unique scent of Violet Leaf links the floral beauty of Iris with the fresh, aquatic impression of Cascalone.

A feminine and juicy Pear brings its subtle sweetness to that of a fuzzy and powdery Mimosa, drenched in smooth notes of creamy, jasminy Paradisone.

Heliotrope and Ylang-Ylang transform the heart into a solar and salicylic accord whose bewitching trail, overflowing with Ambroxan, teeters on the edge of sensualism.

An olfactory reminder of joyful inflorescences, Love Mimosa encapsulates the happy fragrance that hovers over the hills of Tanneron come winter.

Perfumer: Elise Benat

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Elise Benat

Having spent her childhood in the South of France between the countryside and the sea, Élise Bénat grew up surrounded by powerful scents. She has an innate fascination for raw materials and their incredible properties. Élise’s blend of the traditional codes of perfumery with her fresh take on ingredients result in her surprising fragrance creations.