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Myths Man

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Myths for Man is a surreal mirage of oriental elements intoxicated with enigmatic tones of smoke and wood creating a fusion of dream and ambivalence.

Notes and Ingredients
  • Top Notes: Chrysanthemum, Orris.
  • Heart Notes: Rum, Rose, Vetiver, Elemi.
  • Base Notes: Labdanum, Ashes, Leather.


A tribute to Elegance

In the early hours of dusk, the green and honeyed fragrance of the sacred Chrysanthemum sings, alone, wilting its petals in the opalescent shimmer of a bed of Irises.

In the opaque midnight blue, screams the scarlet light of a pyre where Vetiver and Elemi are set ablaze, their smoke running through the silent alleys of a field of prickly Roses.

Mineral wood, tanned Leather and animalic Labdanum – the pastel dawn arises and the dew enshrouds the last glowing embers of the brazier, leaving the hallowed and ambery fragrance of cold Ashes floating in the crisp morning air.

The meeting of dream and ecstasy, Myths Man is a hypnotic mirage of leather and wood, bringing alive lucid dreams whence myths come forth.

Perfumer: Daniel Visentin, Dorothee Piot and Karine Vinchon-Spehner
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Daniel Visentin

Trained in the prestigious house of Robertet, Daniel Visentin makes no secret of his love for intense ambers, spicy and gourmand accords, strongly inspired by a life spent crisscrossing the secret paths along the Persian Gulf.


Dorothee Piot

Enthusiastic, prolific, dreamy, ebullient: there aren’t enough words to describe Dorothée Piot. Since 2009, this talented artist has been painting surprising perfumes that speak volumes about her inveterate love of nature which she sees dense, humid and full of hidden secrets.


Karine Vinchon-Spehner

"Mentored by Michel Almairac, Karine Vinchon-Spehner is a resolutely free and contemplative perfumer. A painter and singer as well, she invented her vision of a synesthetic perfumery, based on ample and lively creations overdosed with natural raw materials."

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