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Myths Woman

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Inspired by surrealism Myths Woman paints its floral and green facets with an expression of dark nuances shaded with an ambivalent tone.

Notes and Ingredients
  • Top Notes: Narcissus, Violet Leaves, Galbanum.
  • Heart Notes: Carnation, Patchouli, Ambergris Accord.
  • Base Notes: Leather, Moss, Musk.


A tribute to Elegance

A flash of blaring Galbanum escapes from a forest, heavy with the honeyed fragrance of Narcissus. In the thick darkness of the Violet Leaf, dryads come to life and flee, leaving behind them a sillage of wet grass.

A distant roar, the smell of warm, animalic fur rubbed with Ambergris - in the deep alleys where the humid fragrance of Patchouli lingers, chimeras older than the world still breathe.

Sublime evanescence of Carnation, floating shadows of Musk, cold veins of Oakmoss on a background of Smoked Leather paint a landscape where legends come to life.

Evocation of magical water and the innate life of the Earth, Myths Woman is the surrealist incarnation of nature's secret wonders.

Perfumer: Natalie Lorson
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Natalie Lorson

"One of the first female Master-Perfumers, Nathalie Lorson has been passionate about perfume ever since she was a child. Her perfumes reflect a humble, generous, dynamic and creative personality through short, precise and resonant formulas."

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