Visitors' Centre & Factory

Amouage marked its 30th anniversary by inaugurating its new state-of-the-art Factory and Visitors' Centre in Muscat in 2012.

"We have seen our manufacturing levels increase dramatically in recent years as the brand has extended it international reach and this is why we needed to build a facility fit for our future expansion plans," said Amouage CEO, David Crickmore. "We intend this facility to give us adequate capacity for the next ten years at least, up to a maximum of 25,000 bottles a week to service mainly the Middle and Far Eastern, as well as African markets, but we are also manufacturing in other locations, including the UK, to keep up with the increasing demand for our fragrances across Europe and the Americas."

Built at the site of Amouage's existing premises in Muscat, the new two-storey perfumery has also opened its doors to visitors to tour the facility, to understand the art of perfume making and to view the various stages of perfume manufacturing from ingredient extraction and maceration through to bottling and packaging.

The design reflects the image created by the Amouage shops worldwide and its success as a Visitor’s Centre is now assured.